Travel whilst pregnant 

Being 22 weekend pregnant my husband and I decided we would take the opportunity to go on a baby-moon which is essentially a holiday whilst pregnant to just be a happy couple and have a bit of us time.

When me and Andrew first got together we went to Venice for our first holiday and it was great although we stayed in a hostel so wasn’t as romantic as it could have been so we decided to go again but this time stay in a hotel. It was much better. We stayed for 4 days 3 nights and really enjoyed it

Before we set off I made sure the travel insurance we purchased covered us should something happen involving my pregnancy and photocopied my pregnancy notes. I even bought flight socks which as I’ve never used any before I can say they are actually surprisingly comfy and my legs didn’t feel quite as “heavy”.

Whilst away I had growing pains once a day for about half an hour and Henry had a growth spurt or more accurately I did. I woke up the day after getting there and my stomach seemed to have sprung out of nowhere but apparently that’s a thing that happens…. Something else which provided entertainment is it was whilst away on this romantic getaway my breasts decided to start leaking clear fluid… Why is pregnancy so God damn sexy!

Packing was a bit hit and miss I wish I had brought lip balm and a different moisturiser for my stomach. It was that cold being January and all, I didn’t wear any of the nice clothes I packed and ended up wearing as many layers as possible and my coat the entire time!

Andrew was really patient with me which was amazing he didn’t rush me and constantly reminded me to go and pee before we left anywhere. Was always there to rub my back when Henry decided to push or pull or whatever it is he has been doing on the inside. So all in all it has been an amazing and very enjoyable trip. I just need a holiday now to recover from this holiday ha ha 😂






My very first weigh in

So last night as promised I went to slimming world. I was really nervous but going with a friend who has been before she pushed me through.

When we walked through the door we were warmly welcomed and offered a cup of tea and coffee. Janet our leader came and sat down with us, gave us our packs and talked through everything with us, which was really helpful as I’ve never been before! I knew bits and pieces from friends that have done it and from people on instagram.

Not wanting to pressure us into signing up she asked us to stay at the meeting and if we wanted to join after that then she would weigh us in. The meeting was great every one supporting everyone else some one had put a pound on and Janet brought attention to the amount of weight that she had lost as a whole and I was Inspired, a pound on this week but a 6 stone loss over all. She received a round of applause!

Once the meeting had ended we got weighed in and officially my journey started, from feeling really nervous to being completely relaxed and raring to go!

I’ll keep everyone updated with my progress as the days go buy 🙂

Love Helen xx