Phone upgrade

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So in just a few weeks i will be able to upgrade my mobile phone contract. I currently have a Samsung S4.

Now the Samsung S4 is quite possibly the best and the worst phone that i have ever had. As a media device it has been perfect. It has a great 13mp camera, a 2mp front facing camera and is able to record videos in full HD.

It is an Android device so i can get a lot of great and free apps, which includes games.

My issue with this phone is the fact, sometimes i cant use it as a phone. It stops sending or receiving text messages, refuses to let me dial out and then when all of my family are getting really concerned as they haven’t received a message from me saying i’m home it can cause a lot of headaches!

Anyway on wards and upwards!


Here are some of the phones I am looking at potentially getting!

  • Iphone 6
  • Sony Z3
  • Samsung S6
  • HTC M9


It is my opinion that the Iphone 6 is the most beautiful of these 4 devices. I love its curved edges, how light weight it is, the colours available and the way the front screen looks. It is just a beautiful piece of metal! In second place is the Sony Z3, this also has nice rounded edges, a clear straight back, the camera is flat onto the back of the Z3 so it lays flat on a table. The overall feel of the phone is a little too much plastic but the overall aesthetics are great. In third place we have the HTC M9 this phone has a curved back which is designed to fit perfectly into the hands of its owner, it is a little heavier than the M8 its older sibling but the camera is the bit that irks me. It is square and juts out a little but too far for my liking. With its curved back it doesn’t rest very well on a flat surface and i don’t really like the silver, gray or gold colours it comes in. Lastly is the Samsung S6…. I really don’t like its new design. It sounded so good on paper but the camera is really jutted out quite far on the back, i can see big issues with this in the future, with cracked and scratched lenses. it is obvious they are trying to look more like the Iphone 6 but the back is too straight, there are no curved edges and the colour’s are all wrong… They have it in black sapphire… its blue… they have it in platinum… its gold… I’m just really not feeling it this time Samsung i’m sorry. I really liked the old design of the S5!


iPhone 6 – 8MP Camera

Samsung S6 – 16MP Camera

HTC M9 – 20MP Camera

Sony Z3 – 20.7MP Camera


So the iPhone and now the Samsung are stuck on whatever memory you buy them at. Which is fine if you don’t use a lot. I think that it is really quite rude how these companies are taking away the ability to have a SD card and then on the next model up they can charge you £100 more for the exact same phone. The iPhone goes from a 16GB to a 64GB, where has the 32GB option gone? Its a shambles! Don’t even get me started on the Samsung! Psshh

Never fear tho as both the HTC and Sony have SD memory card slots! Woo, I can buy a standard phone and for the sake of £30 i can double the memory! That’s a £70 saving!! It is quite possible that Storage is one of the things that i would look to have more of, in total on my S4 i have 32GB and i keep having to delete stuff! Can you imagine me on a 16GB iPhone… I don’t think so!


So battery life is always a bit tricky… We start talking about mAhs and hours on standby and well… What to the average person does this actually mean? No one uses their phone in exactly the same way. Some may actually only use it to text and make calls and some use it to write blogs and watch youtube videos, so the second person will use their battery a lot quicker than the first. So companies have to use standby to show you how well it copes with doing nothing!

Samsung s6- 2550 mAh battery 300 hours standby

Sony z3- 3100 mAhs battery 740 hours standby

iPhone 6- 1810 mAh battery 250 hours standby

HTC M9- 2840 mAh battery 402 hours standby


From my own research and the overall specs of each of these devices, in my mind its pretty clear who the overall winner is!

The Sony Z3, it has the best Camera, the largest battery, the ability to put in an SD card and its the runner up beauty prize winner! My only decision next is do i go for black or copper?


I hope this helps people who are looking to get a phone but don’t know where to look for advice, i use a website called GSMarena it has the specs of each phone and you can compare them side by side! Let me know if there are any other phones you would like a review on. Always here to help 😛