Baby massage

What I thought of it….

 It was a bit of a farce.

 I liked the whole concept of bonding with your baby and that it would help calm your screaming baby down when nothing else would. But in reality I took him too soon. He was only a few weeks old apparently a suitable age to take. He was far too curled up to really do some of the techniques and as a brand new mum I was far too nervous too simply pull on his leg. It’s would surely fall off! Plus the fact I hate putting oils and lotions on my self and as it turns out, I also don’t like doing it on another human either. You go sign a waiver to say if you use their oil it’s your fault if they have a reaction and away you go.

I’ve heard a few of my friends say they love it and it’s helped their child relax/get rid of wind/poop. But for Henry Alas it did nothing more than annoy him. 
However I did receive a certificate upon completion which the child within me loved…