The chateau is in the centre of Courcelles – sous – thoix and is run as a guest house by Frederic and Isabelle and they and their parents live here. It has been in their family since 1900 and was passed down through the womens line.

It was originally built In 1638 and was internally renovated in 1900.
It has a pigeon tower and a disused building which is bigger than most peoples houses.
The Chateaux which is run by only the brother and sister duo is now a guesthouse that also serves food.

Isabelle’s cooking is fantastic and how she prepares everything herself i’ll never know, back home it would take atleast three people to do what she does alone.
The land surrounding the chateaux belongs to other farmers and Frederic with orchards, cows fields and a donkeys field.
Twice a day you will see the cows being hearded down the road to be milked and back up again and you will more likely see a tractor on the road rather than a car. The locals are friendly enough but with a population of 45 we did get a few stares. The bizarrest thing here is when you stop you really can hear the silence. It’s wonderful. The nearest store is 7km away!

In Thoix, the next hamlet, there is another chateaux that is about 200 years older than Fred and Isabelles,  it still has a moat and the local chapel is its next door neighbour. The two hamlets are very pictureque and very french!


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