Poetry – Emotions

How cleverley does emotion toil and trouble.
Any emotion deeper than that of joy and happiness i find it quite terrifying.
To bear your soul to someone so completely.
The inability to cry over things that upset you is most distressing, to recoil when your heart flutters to another’s words is disgraceful.
Yet i cannot let go of these things that control me so, why am i too hard and cold to let myself feel and believe it.

When all i want in this world is to love someone so completely that i both distress and disgust myself, then i won’t be able to do anything but feel and believe it

Poetry – Jimmy joes

Floating high and low
White and pure.
From meadows you come dancing upon the wind.
Through windows and doors you glide, exciting children on the promises of answered wishes and endless magic. There are many names for you oh simple dandelion seed, sugar stealers and jimmy joes, everytime i see you my inner child get excited, gets prepared to make a one last wish.


Poetry – My love

My love, my Andrew
You lifted me up, even though i wasn’t down
You make me feel special out of the crowd.
You sang to me kiss me and my heart leapt for joy.
I fell too soon and scared i became.
Would you love me too?
We became lovers in venice and i vowed to be yours, we married soon after in April in Gretna.
I still feel special i still feel loved.
Some years later our passion has last.