Poetry – Faces

Faces are a treat.
A beautiful page one hardly ever reads.
Soft, harsh, round and square.
Eyes that glisten, smile, weep and listen.  Faces you’re drawn to and faces you dismiss.
Every face tells a story you only have to look. The faces with a tan, a face thats full of lines, a face full of joy or sorrow.  I see hundreds of faces every day but i never really see them. What a pity, what a shame.
Happy faces, sad faces, made up faces, pierced faces. Green eyes, Blue eyes.

Non quite the same


Poetry – Winter

Dark nights, cold breeze, warm toes and cold noses.
Sweets to eat and sweaters to wear.
Winter time is here.
Halloween and bonfire night, treacle tarts and toffee apples.
Snuggling together with fires a roar. Christmas time, trees up and cheeses out.
Everything is great this time of year


Poetry – Ship on the sea

Feeling lost and afraid, cold and in darkness.
Knotts in the pit of my stomach and goose bumps that make me twitch.
Feeling helpless with no direction.
What can i do?

The first glance of attraction, everyday slightly brighter.
The warmth of your touch the feeling of surprise as parts of me relax. I didn’t realise i was so tense.
The feeling of your fingers through my hair and that post coital bliss as i swim in the abyss.
When clouds loom in the distance,  i step back.
You are holding me up.

With you as my compass, my anchor my Sail, i know i can get through any storm that comes my way.


Poetry – Beauty

Is it the tanned, blonde, blue eyed people we see on tv?
The dark haired fair sort or maybe those fiery redheads?
Do you automatically assume i am talking about men or women? Intelligence a key player or do you find being naive cute?
Is beauty simply appearance, is that all that counts?
Or can we safely say personality is needed to add some wit to the mix?