This is the food i eat on a weekly basis. Now im fully aware of the fact each one of these meals is primarily full of meat. Chicken, fish, beef, lamb i eat every thing. Now after putting in some serious thought, i want to change. I read somewhere a horrible statistic about how many animals each person on earth consumes on average throughout their lifetime. It is truely mind blowing. And i’m ashamed. I do feel that if the animal is well looked after and doesnt suffer then there is a little less concern. However both my husband and I have pledged to eat less meat. There is no need to have meat in every meal, so to kick start things as of Monday 27th we are going meat free for a whole week. I know to some this may seem like a tiny obstacle and that it wont make much of a difference but we are trying to shift the way we look at our food and how it gets to our plate. We have agreed to do atleast a week but who knows maybe it will go on for longer.

Im just trying to make a difference in my own life.

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Much Love Helen x


11 thoughts on “Trying to make a difference

    1. Thats the forever goal. We want to eat less meat. I think its just so “normal” for people to mindlessly eat meat. Its so far removed now from its origin that we think of a chicken just like a packet of cookies there isn’t a oh this was alive once… its strange! Xx

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      1. Over the years our minds changed but we have to change it back also for our health, for their lives and for the environment. I’m a vegetarian but I just think a small change can make a big difference


  1. It so much better for you and the environment even if it is just a week. Also, have you tried gardein meatless products? If you want to go vegetarian later on, these are the most delicious and convincing products on the market. They can help supplement comfort foods that have meat in them.


  2. Hi, I just found your blog!

    Any change is a good change. Congratulate yourself that you have the consciousness to take on this objective. Once you realize you don’t have to have meat at every meal, you will discover so many choices you never thought about before!


    1. Yea i am really excited about it! Looking forward to trying new things and just getting to know food again. So many people, myself included have become so mindless about food that you dont ever really look around from what your currently eating. ๐Ÿ™‚


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