Turtle bay is a carribean themed restaurant chain that knocks your socks off! They have an intersting menu both for food and for cocktails! There are 2 Turtle bay restaurants in Manchester city centre, one on Oxford road and one in the Northern Quarter. Both fantastic. The one on Oxford road is a little bigger inside and the one i seem to frequent the most.

The service is always excellent and the staff know their stuff! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and always buzzing after 5. They have happy hour between 11am and 7pm so you get 241 cocktails with something for everyone!

They also bring water to you table straight away which i find really nice 🙂

Now the big part food!

It is amazing its so flavoursome with just enough heat. Alot of the food is quite sweet with plantain a player on the menu. For starter i had the whitebait which is beautiful, the nicest whitebait ive had from anywhere! Tastes really fresh and yummy!
For a main i had the carribean curry fish (must have felt a bit fishy that day) it was to die for! Just the right size serving, a little bigger and it would have been too much so its great the way it is! It comes served in a pyrex dish with a lid which gives it something a little more than any old boring plate or bowl.

I would definitely go back here again!  If you havent already please rush to go in! You wont regret it!


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