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A great review and blog. This new blog is by cousin and friend Josh Starmer 🙂



So here I am. Just finished work. I have tomorrow off and i am currently sat in Starbucks drinking an eggnog latte listening to Nat king Cole waiting for Andrew to finish work…This is my definition of bliss. I’m not rushed. I don’t have anywhere to be. I don’t have to worry about what time I’m going to bed so I’m not tired tomorrow. I’m looking out at all the people enjoying the Christmas Markets in the centre of Manchester, lights twinkling. No one looking at me sat on my own. That’s something I do quite love about city life, you can sit alone in a cafe or in a restaurant and no one looks at you like your crazy. No one will look your way, your lost at sea. 🙂

Anyway getting on with what this blog post was meant to start as is my own way of battling stress. A few years ago in my late teens I suffered quite badly with panic attacks and anxiety so now I do my upmost to remain as calm as possible.

If something annoys me I don’t hold it in.
This may seem obvious to the more out spoken out there but I suffer from a sometimes almost debilitating politeness. Instead of being blunt and possibly sounding rude I have always tended to keep my mouth shut. Holding my tongue did absolutely nothing but crush my confidence and make me apologise for everything… When I married my husband that pretty much stopped that, he has provided me with more than a wedding ring but also with a spine. I now stand up for my self. If someone is rude and obnoxious I stay quite polite but make it very clear that they are not. This has stopped me stressing over quite alot of “never going to happen” scenarios where I get punched in a coffee shop for telling the tender he has mixed up my drink. We all end up happy if I speak up.


I have never been an obsessive of my weight or of music. But combined they have helped solve a problem I feel everyone has an issue with. Self confidence or a lack of and over eating. Sometimes when I’m having a fat ugly day when nothing feels right I have taken to eating all the wrong foods in vast quantities to make me feel better and therefore making me feel worse about myself in the long run…well not any more…now I listen to music that makes me feel like a sex kitten…I’ve called it my sexy play list and I have everything from britney spears to disturbed on there. If it makes me feel hot I listen to it…suddenly that cake doesn’t seem all that appealing now and I just want to shake my ass around the living room 😉

I spend hours in there. Playing on my un waterproof phone…smart right? But anyway. Andrew plays his play station and I catch up on blogs and my youtube subscriptions. Topping up the hot water as I get chilly. This combined with the an essential oil of my choice and some deep breathing exercises I’m set for another busy day at work.

Now I know that this really isn’t an extensive list and I know some people really do suffer from anxiety that only doctors can help with, but from my own personal experiences it was simply a case of letting things build up and not venting until it was a big explosion of emotion! Wish isn’t helpful or healthy.

I now try to live in the moment… If.I can’t solve the problem right there and then I try to let it go until I can… If I can do something, I do…

My own random saying is that I’m the only person that spends so much time with me so I might as well make it a pleasant experience 🙂

I hope this has helped.

Much Love, Helen x

New job and Christmas things :)

Sorry I haven’t posted for a little while. I have a new job and I have been putting a lot of effort into that and trying to get things right. It’s a job I’ve never done before and it has been tiring and when I’ve got home I have just wanted to chill and veg out on the sofa 🙂

However things are now in some sort of routine, i’m settled and I am ready to carry on letting you guys in on my life 🙂

SOOOOO it’s nearly the end of November! How the heck did that happen?? Take your eye of the date to get your brain sorted and a month flies past you! Crazy…

I also have a confession to make… Our Christmas decorations are up 🙂 Eeek so excited for Christmas. It’s mine and Andrew’s first home Christmas so we got things set up a little earlier than we might have but I love the whole thing. Cosy nights, twinkling lights and frosty mornings 🙂 Heaven.





Things to look forward to in my up coming blogs…. THIS WEEK!

-How I reduce stress.
-My review of Some books I’ve read.
-My November best buys 🙂

Anything you want me to blog about let me know. Woop Woop.

Would you rather….? Three questions for avid readers/writers.

Thank you Fiction 4 writers and reader’s. Your post made me think about my preferences and here are my own answer’s:

Would you rather read series/stand alone book?

A series I love them. However sometimes when it’s a particularly long series, the author I feel isn’t as into it as they where in the first few books published.

Would you rather choose an ebook or print?

Print for sure. Nothing like getting your hands on a new book. Especially book store new. The smell it’s like heaven!

Would you rather reread and old favorite or pick up an unknown book?

An old favourite. I love reading but i am unusually fussy. Once I find a great author I will read everything they have published before moving on. So I would hate to get stuck trying to read something that sends you to sleep?

Passing this along!

Your turn! Would you rather read series/stand alones? Would you rather choose an ebook or print? Would you rather reread and old favorite or pick up an unknown book?

Fiction 4 Writers and Readers


It’s fun to consider those “would you rather” question games that pop up on the internet. Would I rather go back in time 100 years or shoot forward one century into the future? Hmmm. Thought provoking. Makes me want to propose a few questions that pertain to my favorite passion…books!

1. Would you rather read/write series or stand alones? As a reader, it’s hard to pass up a good series, isn’t it? You’ve already invested time in the author and characters so it’s great to beeline right for the author’s next work. As a writer, I’m torn. Yes, series work enables the writer to have a world set in place and characters to build on, but sometimes, I’m ready to explore a new setting and family of characters before I get to that fourth book in the series. Dilemma!

2. Would you rather choose an ebook or a print book?

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The GLAMOUR beauty power list 2014


So through the world of WordPress I discovered beauty boxes. Well now I’m really impressed. I had a look at a few but one that caught my eye was £83.47 worth of stuff for £15.99, you get some full size products AND it’s actually stuff you have heard of.

Alessandra Steinherr Beauty director of GLAMOUR magazine has hand picked out 7 products from the 2014 beauty power list, for us to try.

What’s in the box…

Philip Kingsley Daily defence conditioning spray


Firstly…It smells AMAZING!!
I adore the smell, it feels great on my hair, doesn’t feel sticky or greasy which is a big plus! It comes in 60 ml bottle so depending on hair length you could get a few uses out of it.
It’s to be applied when hair is wet and once it’s in style hair as normal. It protects your hair against mostly anything you can throw at it!

Nude Maybelline color sensational lipstick


So this colour isn’t quite a nude shade for me as my lips are naturally a little pinker however it’s still a beautiful shade and looks especially great this time of year. It doesn’t have a weird taste and isn’t drying at all. Thumbs up all round 🙂

Laura Mercier foundation primer


Ok so as per previous posts I’m no primer expert but this feels nice on my skin, smells great and does what its supposed to. The only other primer I’ve used is by make up revolution and in comparison to this product feels quite greasy and maybe there are better products out there but this feels and smells great 🙂

Eyeko mascara off eye makeup remover wipes


So with these you get 10 cotton wipes in the sample packs, I believe in a pack to buy you get three packs of ten wipes. They smell fresh and fruity and i love the way they actually get all of my eye make up off my face… especially waterproof when I’ve spent many a time worrying about what my eyelashes would look like if I ever actually managed to get it off.

Bourjois volume 1 seconde mascara


By FAR my favourite product in the box. I’m such a mascara snob and this goes on amazingly. 360° volume and you only need to apply it once. My husband actually asked if I was wearing fake lashes. They make my eyelashes look amazing! Well done Bourjois! It’s worth £15.99 on its own.

Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser.


So this product is a treat. Now I say that as someone that’s lazy… so it smells great being eucalyptus essential oil and feels luxurious wiping it off with a hot cloth after slathering the cream all over your skin, but your supposed to use this day and night… now thats fine…However I’d much rather just quickly wipe off cleanser with a cotton pad. I don’t get my arm covered in water and it’s quicker, although only about 10 seconds granted.

James read sleep mask tan


So unfortunately this is one product I won’t be reviewing. I’ve used too many fake tan products that have gone horribley wrong on me. I have gone cheap and expensive…I just don’t think the stuff agrees with my skin. And as someone that likes to go outside I thought I would give this one a miss. If you have tried it tho let me know 🙂

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Much love,

Helen x