So now that the weather has turned into something out of the film twister i have been looking for some new winter boots!

This has actually been a lot harder than it may sound, because i am 5ft 6″ and a size 14 with chunkyish calves. Now i’m not saying that any of what i am is a bad thing but people, including my self some times look better in some things than in others. So wearing the newly in fashion chunky platform boots which i absolutely LOVE, just don’t look good on me… Which makes me sad, but i would rather not feel self conscious in something no matter how much i love it in theory. But they are beautiful!

All of the boots below are from either.. Primark, Top shop, Urban outfitters or Ego shoes. The boots i actually purchased i got from River Island and they are so pretty and look awesome on. They have a slight heel so it makes my legs look longer gives me a bit more height and because of the heel it makes my legs looks slimmer, makes me stand a little straighter #badposture!


So they all came into the £18-£38 price bracket except the Urban outfitters shoes but i cant remember how much they were so i will leave this price out 🙂

So i hope you like this post and that it gives you a few idea’s of where and what to get! If you hover over the pictures i have put where each pair has come from.
Boots from Primark









Ego Shoes



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