LIEBSTER award :)

Thank you so much to Lilli for nominating me for the LIEBSTER award. I hope i prove myself worthy!

So I have done everything i was supposed to. If you want anything expanding please let me know. I just didnt want to over load everyone with a million bits of information all at once 🙂

The rules of the Liebster award are these:

– post the award on your blog

– thank the blogger who presented this award, and link to their blog

– write 11 random facts about yourself

– nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers

– answer 11 questions posted by the presenter, and ask your nominees 11 questions

The 11 Questions:

1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time i like to cosy up in front of the TV with Andrew IE: the husband. I love shopping and as Andrew is like my personal Gok Wan (Ginger Wan) i just tell him what i’m looking for and off he goes and finds me exactly that. I also love reading, I haven’t read as much lately but hoping to get back into it soon.

2. If you could only chose one place to visit, where would it be?

America! My biggest goal is to drive down route 66 with a bit of meatloaf blurring out. I also want to get married by Elvis… #justsayin

3. What is your favourite dessert?

Easiest question of all Tiramisu. I LOVE IT! ❤

4. If you could have your own show, what show would you like to host?

Hmmm host no, but i would love to be on QI. Its my favorite show, I went to watch it live in London with Andrew. I Love love love Stephen Fry he is fantastic! He is so smart and witty and i really do admire everything that he has achieved.

5. What do you usually order first at a restaurant, food or drinks?

Drinks, i guess i may possibly order garlic bread or something like that with my drink but never actually been anywhere that asks you for food first.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Brie… yes as in the cheese. I cant say no. It tastes so good… Nom

7. Do you follow any fashion trends, or do you wear whatever you like? Which trends?

What ever it is that my fella picks out of on a rack. If i like it i get it, if i dont i wont. I guess i do follow some sort of fashion trends, i just dress depeding on my mood. Sometimes i can be dressed in black jeans, a band tshirt and boots and other times i am in a pink and blue dress with birds and hearts on it wearing bright red shoes. I really am the sort of person that is only out to wear my feelings haha.

8. Are there any awesome products you have tried and would like to recommend?

Coconut oil… Its natural it makes your hair feel amazing. Put it on your hair and leave it on as long as you feel suitable. If you want to add some heat wrap a towel around your hair and just sit like that for a while. You may have to wash it twice to get all the oil out but it leaves your hair feeling lovely and soft. Also like argon oil you can run a small amount through your hair after conditioning that works too but just make sure you don’t put too much on or it might make your hair greasy.

9. Do you do exercises regularly? What are they?

I power walk to work and back everyday which is 1.2 miles each way. I have just joined the gym next to my work so hopefully i will actually get a chance to go at some point.

. What would you like to receive on your upcoming birthday?

To go somewhere. I’m not the kind of person that likes gifts. I would rather go on a train journey somewhere and have the whole day out. Rather than get a load of stuff. If i wanted the stuff i would just go out and buy it myself 🙂

11. If you had to cook dinner tonight, what would you cook?

I love cooking with pasta and its always so easy and tasty. So i would probably make pasta with loads of veg, bacon, chicken, pesto and mozzarella. It tastes amazing!

Eleven Random Facts about me:

  1. I got married when i was 22
  2. I adore beards…they just so sexy
  3. Me and Andrew went on a 5 month honey moon
  4. I hate cycling…
  5. My favorite colour is yellow
  6. When i was little i tried for hours to make things move like Matilda
  7. My fave Starbucks drink in Egg Nog Latte
  8. I get overly excited about Christmas
  9. Pigeons terrify me
  10. I feel really bad about poor little Pigeons with dodgy legs 😦 (Yes even though they scare me!)
  11. I wish i could each Avocado’s all day everyday.

Okay so i am new to this blogging thing but i am already following quite few amazing blogs so i will nominate a few people now:

  1. MISSLUXME her blog is awesome she has such an awesome style. You can find her blog HERE
  2. Walden ideas. I find this blog really inspiring and opens up your mind. His blog is HERE
  3. Pretty drastic moves this is a blog that i really aspire to. So much beauty information found HERE
  4. Brazenrouge is one of the first Blogs i started to follow. I love all of her post. Really helpful to me. Found HERE

So for now they are the 4 i will be nominating. As i have to go get ready for work now. However if you want to nominate yourself go ahead and go for it. Make it your time to shine!

Thanks for reading 🙂



This is such a beautiful quote. If you just be yourself the right people will find you 🙂


There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.

-Dr. Steve Maraboli

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My own beauty products

So in this post i am going to talk about everything that i have, what it is and what i think about it. Some of my beauty products i have had for a while now and once they are all used up i will expand into other ranges.

So i got this little guy as a gift from my husband. I came home after work feeling sorry for my self, all tired and grumpy and Andrew had been to Lush and got me this to make me feel better 🙂 I absolutely love him (both of them)


So firstly this is my random mixture grouping, a bit of everything and nothing from any one specific company.

So i will start left to right:

My No:7 Palette from boots i got this as a gift last Christmas, I’ve used most of the creamy white powder a lot of the brown and pink but not much of any of the others. I have quite a low brow and i have to be careful not to put too much dark powder on my eyes or it can make my eyes look tiny, especially as i wear glasses it can look a little silly, on me anyway.

Then we have my Rimmel waterproof gel liner in aubergine, i love the colour but i think it was more of an impulse buy as it really doesn’t look good on me 😦 I’m not all that good at applying gel liners yet, but practice makes perfect.

Max factor False lash effect mascara, i find this is really wet, it goes everywhere and is a nightmare to take off. I wont be buying this again.

Superdrug pearl lip balm, goes on really well, although it looks a little strange on me as it completely whites out my lips, i think if i was a little darker it would look really nice. When i wear it i put a little bit on my bottom lip and smudge that everywhere, rather than applying some to each lip.

Max Factor red lipstick, i do actually believe this belongs to my friend and i happened to have stolen it many moons ago, it is a beautiful colour the shade is 135.  It is a little drying and smells a little funky but i think that is because of its age… It is ATLEAST 3 years old ha ;/

Barry M in shade 52 i got his a few weeks ago. It is a really bold outstanding summer colour. It is matte and can be a little drying, so make sure your lips are well moisturised before you apply.

Sleek in papaya punch, this again is a matte colour and can be quite drying, it is rather orange but i think it would look good on most skin tones.

Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in Hazel 002, So this is well basically an eyebrow pencil, it isn’t anything special and i’m not 100% keen on the shade but it does the job, as long as your not really heavy with it and use the little brush on the lid it will all work out fine if you just fill in the gaps in your eyebrows.

Max factor lip gloss in polished fuchsia it was really good at first however now its a few months old i think it has become really sticky and rather gross.




All of the products in the below picture are from make up revolution. I got these on a whim and i really really love them. The primer is really good, i feel that my make up goes on much smoother blends in with my face and makes my make up look lovely and smooth. I do have to admit that i am new to primers so it really could be really rubbish in comparison, but i will give it the thumbs up for now ❤ woo.

The first Palette on the left is called the salvation palette, Welcome to the thunder dome. there are some really good shades with this 6 in matte and 12 that are shimmery, It has a big mirror and is awesome if you are doing your make up on the go. 🙂 The second palette is redemption palette romantic smoked in 12 different colours. Both the palettes were under £10 each and are awesome. they go on really well and don’t crease or smudge all that much. For the price they are definitely worth the purchase.


So this is all the stuff i own that has come from Avon. Now i am in 2 minds about Avon products, sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they are just plain awful.

From left to right:

Ideal Flawless pressed powder in fair. This when applied too heavily makes me look really hairy… I mean it sticks to all the hairs on my fave and makes me look like a big hairy mess…so in conclusion, it is good stuff you just have to apply it with a light hand.

Colour trend lipstick in Amethyst. The colour when applied isnt quite true to the colour of the lipstick itself. It appears a little “washed out” Like maybe a tinted lipbalm not a strong colour as you would assume.

Colour trend Lipstick in vino disco. Its called Vino Disco….enough said really. It goes on really well and looks and feels great 🙂

Avon in pout. I love this colour. When you dont really want a colour on your lips but you want them to feel nice and give your make up a bit of a boost this is what you want. In my opinion…its awesome 🙂

Colour trend concealer in light. It works really well, sometimes it is quite easy to put a little too much on but again with a light hand it does everything that you want and need it to.

Colour trend in sequin i love the colour however i do find it hard to match it with anything. So with other makeup or clothes it can be a little difficult.

Colour trend in pink sunrise, i’m not really sure on the naming of this particular colour as it is more of a nude shade, this can cling to dry bits quite a lot so maybe it would be better if you apply a lip balm or something first.

Finally true colour eyeshadow in vivid violet…i just don’t think that this works all that well.. The colours are really nice but they don’t go onto the brush very well and seems a little bit pointless in general.image

My only two products from Bourjois. I love this brand… I just dont love the price. It can be a little bit of a nightmare when your favorite products are expensive but anyway, My red lipstick that i adore and waterproof black eyeliner. Does everything you need it too.image

These are two products that i got from The Body shop one is a mascara and the other is to help get rid of spots that are threatening to take over my face. It is a tea tree gel that stings like a mother when you put it on  but i think that is just a sign that it is working 🙂 The mascara is really good and it is the one i am using the most at the moment.image

These are a company called B. From Superdrug. Its all animal cruelty free and i am all up for that. I know that i am just one person but if i can make the conscious effort to buy more stuff that is better morally, i will do.

So this is the foundation that i use at the moment. There isn’t much left and the bottle is in a bit of a mess but i guess that just goes to show that its loved 🙂 The colour is rose ivory and that sits on my face perfectly. Not too heavy and matches my skin color pretty much exactly, which is what you want out of a foundation 🙂

Next there is a lipgloss in smokey pink. The colour is really good i just don’t dig lip glosses that much. I only got this because there was a special offer on at the time buy one B product and get another one free. I don’t know why this took my fancy over everything else but it did and well that’s now history.

At the front there you can see my gel eyeliner in black. It came with a little brush which wasn’t really that good. So i have replaced that and although it is better i’m still not enjoying it very much. It may be that way as i am still not used to using gel liners all that much.image

So yea that’s all my own beauty products i hope you have enjoyed reading and i hope to hear any comments or quesstion’s down below.

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Coming out from under this rock…

So up to now, in my make up life, my knowledge has consisted of concealer, foundation, powder…. Eye shadow, eye liners, eye brow pencils, mascara, blush and lip gloss and lipsticks.

WHERE have i been!

I started watching video’s on YouTube a couple of months ago, make up tutorials, hair tutorials and i have to say at least 95% of the time i was left befuddled and bewildered. Contouring…Highlighting…Primers… I didn’t know you could put foundation on with a brush…. Incredible!

So that got me thinking, if i have been living under this rock i am pretty sure that at least one or two of you must have been as well.


Through out the next couple of weeks, i will let you know about all the trails and tribulations i will be going through, learning something else incredible about make up.

If your a little behind the times like me but you don’t have the time or the effort to go through learning this stuff yourself OR you just want to laugh at the newbie painting stripes on her face keep an eye out on here!

Of course, if you can see that i am about to go into some sort of make up danger zone, that you know a way out of, give me a shout. This is definitely going to be a learning experience for me and i hope for input from you guys 🙂

If you would like me to try anything next or you want to give me some hints or tips then please just shout it out 🙂

After looking around on this here WordPress i also found a little money saving gem that i will hopefully share my opinions on in a few days. Its the Latest in Beauty Glamour box, the link to is HERE. You should definitely check it out!


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Best primers!!

I think this is an awesome post, I personally haven’t ever used primers before, but as in a previous post I picked one up from Make up revolution at superdrug. It cost me £3 and I love it. I’m really looking forward to using primers now I’ve found out just how good they are “)

Thanks alot Lipgloss ‘N’ Lashes for a great post 🙂

What other primers have everyone used? Do you have a favourite or one to avoid? Let us know 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Lipgloss 'n' Lashes

Primer reviews…

Primers are an essential part of any daily beauty regimen. They get rid of rough skin and smooth out the face for an even base. They provide a great base for make-up and ensure that make-up stays in place all day. I have been trying some primers out recently, I have 3 that I have recently used and will discuss below.

3 x primers

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My Beauty Philosophy

This is a very good philosophy 🙂

Annabelle Untamed

Just a note that this is my beauty philosophy. It’s how I personally think about beauty.

1. Love yourself first.

We should all see the beauty we have in ourselves without make-up. We were born without make-up on so I figure it is not meant to be a permanent fixture in our lives. Every one of us should be proud of who were are with no alterations. There are definitely things about myself that I am not happy with. It can be hard to love yourself and your features completely. Instead of feeling ‘ugly’ or giving up on a positive attitude, think about the things you really do love. For instance, I LOVE my eyes. When I’m feeling bad about another part of myself, I focus on what I DO like.

2. Getting dolled up should be fun!

I don’t really like to stress over make-up on a daily basis. Why should…

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Operation boot finding…

So now that the weather has turned into something out of the film twister i have been looking for some new winter boots!

This has actually been a lot harder than it may sound, because i am 5ft 6″ and a size 14 with chunkyish calves. Now i’m not saying that any of what i am is a bad thing but people, including my self some times look better in some things than in others. So wearing the newly in fashion chunky platform boots which i absolutely LOVE, just don’t look good on me… Which makes me sad, but i would rather not feel self conscious in something no matter how much i love it in theory. But they are beautiful!

All of the boots below are from either.. Primark, Top shop, Urban outfitters or Ego shoes. The boots i actually purchased i got from River Island and they are so pretty and look awesome on. They have a slight heel so it makes my legs look longer gives me a bit more height and because of the heel it makes my legs looks slimmer, makes me stand a little straighter #badposture!


So they all came into the £18-£38 price bracket except the Urban outfitters shoes but i cant remember how much they were so i will leave this price out 🙂

So i hope you like this post and that it gives you a few idea’s of where and what to get! If you hover over the pictures i have put where each pair has come from.
Boots from Primark









Ego Shoes


So I’m reading….

So this week I thought I would give The fault in our stars a try. It’s a book by John Green which has also been turned in to a film. I have seen both the book and the film advertised for many many months now and i am really lame and only like to do things before or after the masses, hence why it has taken so long for me to read it. So the book it’s self was awarded the New York best seller! It is described as Insightful, bold, irreverent and raw! I’ve got to page 84 out of 316 and it seems good so far. Already in the 84 pages I have formed a bond with the heroine of the book Hazel she seems quirky and unique and i’m looking forward to reading the book, although having heard bits and pieces around, I think I have pretty much guessed what happens. I’m trying my best not to include any spoilers and would appreciate it if no one spoilt it for me either 🙂



I will write a full review on what I think and I would love to hear what other people have thought about this book too 🙂

Also I am a charity shop goer and picked up this bargain for 50p 🙂

Today’s beauty buys :)

So today being a lazy Sunday me and the hubby (Andrew) have been out shopping in the ARNDALE!

Whilst out I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces from Superdrug 🙂

Here they are Wooo…


I got these 2 palettes from Make up Revolution. The first one has 12 different shades and cost £4 which is amazing value, it’s called Redemption palette romantic smoked and the second one is awesomely called Welcome to the Pleasuredome (reminds me of Madmax). It has 18 shades and I got it for £6!!!. It’s a brand new brand that I’ve never seen in superdrug before so I thought I may as well give it a whirl seeming I got both for £10!

Also in this section I got Ultra face base primer which is said to give 24 hour make up protection


I got home and played around with the palette some and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It goes on great and doesn’t go into clumps or stick to the creases on your eye. The colours themselves are beautiful I love them! To say both of them are so cheap i was expecting poor quality…Well played Revolution!



Both come with sponge applicators and the Pleasuredome palette has a big mirror which is always handy when your out and about! The cases themselves feel really sturdy too so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged in your handbag or luggage!


I also picked up these two beauties, they are a part of the B range which is cruelty free. The blush and the liner are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Blush is in shade candy cane and the gel eyeliner is black.

The blush is great however i’m not really a big fan of the eyeliner. The applicator is a bit stiff and doesn’t go onto my eye right. I might see if I can get a different one and see how that goes before I cast proper judgement 🙂

Much love, thanks for reading 🙂

Hey everyone!

So I just thought I would introduce myself! My name is Helen and I live in Manchester city centre with my husband 🙂
I have created this blog to give my own spin on this big old world we live in! From beauty to fashion, from travel to film reviews ha!
I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know if there is anything in.particular you would like to know 🙂