Will we ever be satisfied. We are genetically engineered to hoard to save things in good times so we are prepared in bad times, but now, now that there is an abundance of stuff. Surely we don’t need to hoard.

 Fortunately for many we can simply go out and get the stuff we need. 

We are reluctant to give the stuff we don’t need to the needy “just in case.” And those expensive items we got ourselves and don’t use but feel too guilty to sell for a loss or to donate.

If you don’t need it on a daily or even weekly basis chances are you could get along just fine with out it!

Rid your home of the crap that we don’t need, that we don’t use and the stuff that doesn’t bring us joy.


Going with the flow

These four words up until now have been my life’s mantra. I’m chilled relaxed and I go with the flow. I have said this so many times and about so many things.

But what is going with the flow.

 Going with the flow is nice and it’s easy. It’s lazy. Your not making any of your own life decisions. You are passively letting your life go by, reacting to it only when it needs to be reacted to. 

It’s true that sometimes things happen in your life that you are unable to control and your only option is to go with the flow. But where has going with the flow really ever gotten anyone?

Did Richard Branson simply go with the flow when his flight got cancelled? No he commanded something different from his life, chartered a plane, charged other stranded passengers airfair and got where he was going and a whole new business venture appeared from it.

If you aren’t in love with what you do but you also don’t hate it, you just coast and go with the flow… Only to find out in 5/10/15/20 years time that you could and SHOULD have been doing something more worthwhile. Something of value. Maybe not physical value, but something that brings value into YOUR life. After all your the one that is living it. 

Command more value from your life. Stop simply going with the flow!

More for less

Does stuff make us happy?

Are 10 dresses hung up in the wardrobe better than just the 2 you actually wear? Bottles and bottles of moisturiser, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and face wash, when a bar of soap Would do?

When you have a couple of hours to kill so you go shopping, feeling a bit blue? Shopping? New job? New outfit! Single? New outfits!! 

What has happened to buying once and buying right? 

We have become such a throw away society and it’s killing the planet!

We buy so much crap. Let alone the single use plastics we use. We buy into fast fashion, buy an outfit for when we lose weight (we never do) or in a colour we really should wear (but never do). We buy air fresheners that pollute our homes, cleaning products which poison us and eat food that are killing us. 

No more!! Not in my house!

Lactation cookies

As a mum, especially a new one. Taking care of yourself should be a priority. It’s very easy to get caught up on the whole baby thing and say most woman have done it and try and do too much too fast. Don’t. Take this time to enjoy your baby and allow yourself to be looked after. Don’t worry like I did about springing back into shape after the birth of your babe and chill out!

If your lucky enough to be able to breastfeed and more importantly WANT to breastfeed these lactation cookies are both tasty and helpful at boosting supply. Although I would say if you feel your lacking a supply please see a health visitor, breastfeeding support group or a midwife about your concerns. These cookies contain active ingredients known to help with lactation. So at basically an excuse (if you needed one) to buy yourself cookies.

They taste amazing and are made with love. The lady that makes these truly loves what she does and is passionate about providing an amazing service to her customers.  

They won’t make the men in your life lactate so they can enjoy them with you.

Here is the company link to buy your own 🙂

Baby massage

What I thought of it….

 It was a bit of a farce.

 I liked the whole concept of bonding with your baby and that it would help calm your screaming baby down when nothing else would. But in reality I took him too soon. He was only a few weeks old apparently a suitable age to take. He was far too curled up to really do some of the techniques and as a brand new mum I was far too nervous too simply pull on his leg. It’s would surely fall off! Plus the fact I hate putting oils and lotions on my self and as it turns out, I also don’t like doing it on another human either. You go sign a waiver to say if you use their oil it’s your fault if they have a reaction and away you go.

I’ve heard a few of my friends say they love it and it’s helped their child relax/get rid of wind/poop. But for Henry Alas it did nothing more than annoy him. 
However I did receive a certificate upon completion which the child within me loved…

Slimming world

Slimming world is great.

It’s even better if you can cook the foods yourself and refrain from those artificial sweeteners.

I’ve made everything from leek and potato soup to salads, full roast dinners and fry ups! 

Nothing is off the menu and I’ve loved it. 

Due to some unfortunate circumstances around breastfeeding I seem to have lost my way needlessly I might add but I am set to go back this week and join the masses of new year resolutioners!

Going on a few holidays and have a few weddings of close friends this year tho so if that doesn’t give me the kick up the backside needed I don’t know what will!

Paris 2013


We said goodbye to Fred, Isabelle and the chateaux after a very nice leaving present and a packed lunch AND a lift to the train station 30 km away! (you get an idea of how good they were to us) To be completely honest we were not 100% impressed with Paris from our arrival, to us it looked like Manchester only with more balconies on the windows and more French people! We had only seen a small part though after all so we held our judgement until the day after when we could explore a bit more.  Our hotel was nice enough considering it was the cheapest one on and we were more appreciative to get there due to the torrential rain that had, by then, soaked us to the bone!

After settling in and drying off in the hotel we decided to go for  a wander down some streets considering we only had a couple of days to see as much as possible… it still looked like Manchester… but we hadnt seen any of the main attractions still so there was a glimmer of hope for the supposedly romantic city! After buying a baguette, ham and coleslaw we retired to our room to watch rubbish French TV and have a cheapo meal!

The next day was considerably better i must say, we got up relatively early, got the Metro through Paris and headed towards the Louvre! I (Andrew) was reallllly looking forward to going there more than any other place in Paris mostly due to the fact it is the biggest museum in the world and i have a nerdy love for them! It was stunning, the outside aswell as the inside, according to their website there is around 8 miles worth of halls to explore so you get an idea how much there is to explore. We decided to go for the english audio guides because there was only one language on the exhibits (you can guess which… hopefully). They provided us with a nintendo 3DS each with headphones for 10 euros and it definately helped. You can see from the pics below that there is a lot of different sections from egyptian to italian art to greek sculptures etc etc. After spending 5 hours in there our heads were fried and we wandered over to the Eiffel tower, a big, overated metal tower! Dont get me wrong it is a very beautiful structure in the way its made but once you have stood there and looked at it for a minute, thats about as exciting as it gets!

We left the next morning and set off towards our next helpx!

overall opinion of Paris was… Manchester with nice, fancy bits! and more French people, and Americans.


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